The last event of 2021, the J’s Hospice Chelmsford Marathon

Hi All,

On behalf of the management team, Nice Works and ‘the J’s’ Hospice, I’d like to extend our thanks to everyone who volunteered and supported the Chelmsford Marathon on Sunday.

We fielded 17 operators across the course and at Net Control, volunteered almost 150 hours of our spare time, equipment and 1 day of our weekend to support this worthy charity event and thereby helped those in need receive the care they require.

Special thanks to John G7DBM, who put many hours in developing the event plan and for his time spent testing, collecting equipment and ensuring it all went smoothly on the day.

Thank you to Owen 2E0XLS, for the use of the Icom LTE radios, for tracking and an Icom crossband repeater for one of the talk-through sites.
Mobile Coverage was very patchy at many locations across the route, thereby proving the worth of a Resilient RF Radio Solution for Safety Communications.

Nice Works were very pleased with the communications network we had put in place and have already hinted at booking our services for next year!

4×4 Response, EDMS Medical and Capital Traffic Management, all expressed their thanks and appreciation for our services on Sunday – we established a PMR RF Network within Central Park to allow co-working which worked well for all involved.

Jason 2E0XTA
County Controller