Call-out Procedures

Essex Raynet – Call-out Procedure

When you are placed on Stand-by

If you are at home, stay where you are, monitor primary VHF frequency
(Ch. 25).
Prepare your equipment: (see list below)
• Food and drink
• Radio equipment
• General equipment (see ‘Equipment Checklist’ in Reference Material)
• Spare power supplies
• ID card and fluorescent clothing
• Personal belongings
DO NOT leave home even if mobilisation seems inevitable

When you are mobilised

Proceed to RVP as instructed
Monitor designated frequency (Ch. 21 or Ch. 25)
Please consider:
• Do you have sufficient fuel
• Do not break any speed limits
• Do you know your route or any alternatives in case of diversions
• Is your vehicle clearly identifiable as ‘RAYNET’
On arrival change to designated operating channel.
Report to Essex Raynet Incident Officer and await further instructions