MB7UCH APRS Digipeater

MB7UCH Digipeater

MB7UCH Digipeater at our Chelmsford Installation

Essex RAYNET is increasingly using APRS on VHF as part of its operations, therefore when we noticed there was a gap in coverage in the Chelmsford area, we investigated options on how we might fill it.

We are in the fortunate position that, at our Chelmsford fixed site, we have 2 antennas available for use – we therefore decided to trial a temporary APRS digipeater at this location to see how it might perform – following months of testing, we felt confident that it was worth pursuing in terms of permanent installation.

This was further assisted by a change in the license conditions in February 2024, which has allowed 2E0XTA Jason to license MB7UCH as a full time digipeater in the Chelmsford area, which is fantastic news.

Operated by 2E0XTA Jason, on behalf of Essex RAYNET – however the digipeater is available for use by any licensed radio amateur.

Operating on the standard VHF APRS Frequency of 144.800MHz

Configured for Wide 1-1, Wide 2-2 Digipeating, with Trace and Duplicate checking enabled.

Icom IC-F5022 VHF radio
Diamond X50 antenna
70m LDF-450 coax
PLXDigi from Microsat

Licensed to operate at approx 15w ERP – now LIVE as of 1st March 2024 – Live Stats @ https://aprs.fi/info/a/MB7UCH

We hope to add an additional VHF APRS digipeater to the Southend/Wickford area at a later date.