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07040 900276


Remember that this number should only be used if local call-out procedures fail or are non-existent




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News & Updates


Next event:- Harlow 10 Run




The next event in our diary is the Harlow 10 Run on Sunday 6th September 2015. 


If you are able to assist with this event please contact Paul M0LOM.






Help for Saltmarsh 75



We are now working on the planning for this year's Saltmarsh 75 on 3rd and 4th October.

This event requires a considerable manpower commitment so if you are able to take part your help will be greatly appreciated.    It would assist with the planning if you could let us know if you can, or cannot, take part in the event.  If you can take part please let us know if you are available for one or both days and the times you would be able to do (some of us will be working from start to finish but this probably won't suit everyone.)    

We will also be operating a sweep team for the whole event, all on the flat with distances ranging from 3 to 13.6 miles.  If you are able to do one, or more, legs please let us know with an indication of how far you feel comfortable walking.  

All offers of help to Roland, M0BDB.



Management meeting




The next meeting of the management committee wil be held on Thursday 17th September 2015, in Maldon.


Any items for discussion should be forwarded to your respective area controller.


Next Training Workshop





The next training workshop on the 8th November 2015 will cover map reading/navigation.



Details of the workshop will be circulated nearer the time by the group's Training Officer, Gareth 2E0PSN.



Events at a glance


Sep 6th Harlow 10
10th County Comms Test
13th Cycle for Life
17th Management meeting
27th St Helena Cycle Rides
30th HarwichCAP
Oct 1st County Comms Test
11th Training Workshop
21st COMAH -Gt Oakley
Nov 8th Training Workshop -  Map Reading
15th Zone 4 meeeting
Dec 3rd County Comms Test
6th Santa Fun Run
13th Training Workshop





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