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May 28th Midnight Walk
June 14th Kelvedon Pk Comms Test
19th Hatfield Forest Run
July 2nd St Clare Midnight Walk TBC
7th Emergency Services Day
15th County Hall Test
Aug 9th Kelvedon Pk Comms Test
20th Epping Comms Test
25th 26th Clacton Airshow
Sept 4th Harlow 10
16th County Hall Test
18th Farleigh Cycle for Life
Oct 1st
Saltmarsh 75
11th Kelvedon Pk Comms Test
16th Joint Exercise
27th Getting Ready for Winter
Nov 12th Epping Comms Test
18th County Hall Test
19th Uttlesford Exercise
Dec 4th Farleigh Santa Fun Run
13th Kelvedon Pk Comms Test




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Report from Walk for Life





Hello All

Thanks very much to all the members who assisted on the Farleigh Hospice Walk for Life event, especially to those who provided the sweep.

I have heard from the organisers earlier today, they had approximately 800 walkers on the event who pledged just over 60,000 so far.

Best regards

Event Co-ordinator

Report dated 22nd May 2016



Last updated: 27/05/16  

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