Essex RAYNET is a non-profit making organisation run by volunteers from all walks of life including current and retired police, ambulance, fire and military personnel, electronic and electrical engineers, I.T. experts, students, carers and sales people, from all cultures, both able-bodied and disabled. Everyone has a role to play.

Essex RAYNET provides radio communication in emergency situations during times of need and disaster. Such as passing of information and messages between rests centres, emergency planning offices and the emergency services.

Essex RAYNET also provides radio communication support for charity events and the local community such as at walks, runs and bike rides. We provide reliable radio networks to assist with event and public safety.

We can provide reliable, robust and dynamic communication systems when all else fails. This means that we do not rely solely upon infrastructure such as mains power from the national grid, the Internet or telecommunications such as BT, cable or the mobile networks. We use Radio waves and alternative sources of power such as batteries, generators and solar/wind power. This allows us to provide a communications link to and from anywhere, in any situation and allows us to move or change at any time as the situation or communication needs change.

Communications can be in the form of Voice, Data or even GPS tracking. We have the ability to provide communications over long distances and even world wide.

RAYNET was formed after the severe east coast floods of 1953

Essex RAYNET rely upon its voluntary members so that the organisation can keep providing the important and valuable support that we do for our community.

Some of the benefits of volunteering with Essex RAYNET are:

· Work alongside the ambulance services, the fire and police service, council officers and other volunteer emergency services such as British Red Cross, St John Ambulance, Salvation Army and 4×4 Response.
· You will be one of the many cogs in the emergency planning for Essex
· Improve your knowledge and skills in radio communications and learn how it is used in an emergency and for public safety.
· Doing your part to ensuring public safety
· Doing something that helps your community
· Helping charities raise money by assisting them at their events
· Improve your communication and social skills
· Work as part of a team
· Making new friends and having an enjoyable time
· A sense of being a part of something good and doing something worthwhile
· Have the opportunity to get involved nationally, assist other RAYNET groups around the UK or even be a part of world wide emergency communications.
· Learn from others and develop your knowledge, skills and abilities.
· Help to become a licensed radio amateur if not already.

In return we only ask that you volunteer your time (as little as 1 or 2 days a year). Of course we will not turn away anyone who is also willing to volunteer things like their skills, abilities, equipment or locations for RAYNET’s use.

Essex RAYNET use amateur radio frequencies and voice as the primary method of communication, however, this does not mean that you need to be a licensed radio amateur to be a valuable member of Essex RAYNET.

Essex RAYNET is looking for your help

If you have any questions or you would like more information, please use the Membership Enquiry form.

Further information on obtaining an Amateur Radio Licence can be found at any of the following link: