Successful Clacton 150 Fly Past

Hi All,

On behalf of the District Council and myself, I would like to pass on my thanks to everyone who attended the Clacton 150 Fly Past event for Essex RAYNET.  You all deserve a pat on the back and a well earned rest!

We delivered a resilient communication link between strategic locations in a pre-deployment status, with the option to redeploy if the balloon went up.
This was our first deployment of our DP3400 UHF secure handhelds (6 RAYNET owned and 9 hired) alongside our FM analogue net.

The council were particularly impressed with our ability to pass sensitive information over a secure encrypted channel where necessary and encouraged our development of this for future events and deployments.
This was useful as a number of incidents occurred in which previously we would not of been able to communicate this information over RF.

Special mention to G8YPK for his hard work with setting up and derigging the dual mode repeater each day and troubleshooting as required.
Also to M0LZI for the assembly and setup of the trailer mast. The use of the trailer mast was essential, as an antenna failure on day 2 was identified and we were able to switch to our secondary antenna, the trailer mast – this highlights the importance of redundancy.

This was our first User Service public event of 2021 and I feel Essex RAYNET should be proud of the service delivered over the last two days.

Best Regards,

Jason Moore
Chairman & County Controller for Essex RAYNET