Weekly Net

2021-12-21 20:30 - 21:00

The group holds a net every Tuesday evening commencing at 2030 hrs local time and is open to members and non-members of the group.  The control station is John G0IJN from his home in Althorne, who has excellent coverage of most of the county.

Analogue Net frequencies
144.675 MHz with 94.8Hz CTCSS
433.700 MHz with 94.8Hz CTCSS

The group’s Southend crossband UHF/VHF repeater will be operational and will rebroadcast the transmissions to increase the coverage of the net.   Tx and Rx on the same frequency.

Occasionally a DMR Phoenix Net on TG842 is held at the close of the Analogue Net.

TG842 is accessible as a static TG on GB7CL, GB3BZ, GB7HH, GB7EX, GB7AV and from a Hotspot on Reflector 4442 and other repeaters as User Activated.

We hope to work you soon on the net.