Weekly Net Review

Due a poor attendance using the local repeaters ER, DA & BZ for the weekly nets, it has been decided to implement the following changes with immediate effect:-

The 1st Wednesday of each month will be a cascade net using the groups fixed repeaters site, followed by a DMR Phoenix TG 842 / Ref 4442 net.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th Wednesday of the month will be a DMR Phoenix net on TG 842 / Ref 4442 only, commencing from the 10th August.

When there is a 5th Wednesday in the month, this will YSF/Fusion or D-STAR net.


The committee would like to express their thanks the repeater keepers of GB3ER, GB3DA and GB3BZ for allowing Essex RAYNET the use of their repeaters.


Hope to catch you on a net soon.