Clacton Airshow Success


A big thank you to everyone who attended the Clacton Airshow. As part of our strategy this year we were able to add in our own contingency planning for a major incident and the associated equipment held centrally for distribution.

Our role was two fold: to be the fallback communications to the stations we were deployed to, and to be re-deployed in case of a major incident. With 250,000 people attending there would be no way for us to be on station to help otherwise – as you may have experienced when trying to leave on either day.

At the end of the event Catherine Boyer-Besant, Emergency Planning and Business Continuity Manager for Tendring District Council, was effusive in her praise for Essex RAYNET in stating that we are an anchor agency in her incident planning. She said that she fully appreciated that members had taken a day’s leave from work to attend, as well as fitting it around planned holidays, and re-arranging people’s busy lives to fit in.

Well done to all, and many thanks,


Steve James
Chairman / County Controller