Group activated for possible flooding

(Update 14/01/17  1822hrs)
Good Evening all can I express my thanks to all who stepped up to meet this request, I have received a lot of positive feedback from the user services thanking us for attending and providing emergency comms to cover this potentially serious incident.
 We have done RAYNET proud and helped immensely to spread our capabilities to cover any situation if called upon.
 Once again Thankyou
 Mark Callow 2E0RMT
Chairman / County Controller Essex RAYNET


(Update 14/01/17 1155hrs)
I am pleased to report that flooding and evacuation incident at Tendring has now officially closed and Essex RAYNET has been stood down.
 My thanks to those members who responded to the initial call for assistance on Thursday morning and the subsequent call when we were told the incident was going to be protracted.
 All the members who gave time to assist are to be particularly praised – some who were continuously on duty for in excess of 40 hours!   It was very useful to receive a ‘not available’ message from some members.  When a Base Officer is collecting members’ availability, it helps to know  which members can be discounted. This can save time and allow efforts to be concentrated on liaising with the Incident Officer and arranging ETAs and giving directions to those who are able to help.
 No doubt we will hear more details from the Management Committee.
 Graham Farrell,
G8PYD Essex Raynet Base Officer