Wide Area Testing

2021-08-03 20:30 - 21:00

Once all have been registered you will be invited in to give a Readability report and will receive one in return.  For all intents and purposes, the network operates in a Simplex mode, so Tx and Rx on the same access frequency.  In this way, you will hear the Net Controller and all other stations.

Only if you are unable to receive signals from any of the access frequencies, then try operating on the repeater intermediate/backbone 2m frequency, 144.675MHz.
Reception of your signal may then reach the Net Controller and all those parented on your local access repeater, but unlikely on others.  If this works for you, please declare that you are accessing the network via the intermediate channel.


Please be patient in calling in if we have a large turn-out.  If you have any questions then please use our WhatsApp Chat group for help, or get in touch with your Area Controller, or Deputy.
Additional guidance is attached that gives further information on set-up and operation.

You must use a CTCSS tone of 94.8Hz to activate our Crossband Repeaters!

Halstead: 433.7125MHz

County Hall: 433.750MHz

Southend: 433.700MHz

Burnham: 433.725MHz