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Best practice net operating is essential to the smooth running of any Raynet event or Incident.

Correct terminology should be used at all times. See PROCEDURAL WORDS (PROWORDS) & PHRASES later in this Section. 

Messages should be transmitted according to their priority.  

A procedure has been adopted to avoid confusion.  This is as follows:

  1. An out‑station always goes "Out" at the conclusion of a message, never "To Standby". 
  2. A Control Station may go either to "Out" or to "Stand‑by".  If the Control Station goes "Out" it means that the net is NOT open for traffic for the moment.  When the Control Station is ready for further traffic he opens the Net by giving his callsign and the words "To Stand‑by".  Messages can then be offered by any out‑station in the normal way.

Should an out-station require to communicate directly with another out-station, they should call the Control and ask for permission to ‘Call Direct’.  Permission will be granted or denied as operational circumstances dictate. 

The use of ‘Q’ codes has no place in RAYNET operations.

If no contact has been made with an out‑station for 30 minutes, Net Control will call as a welfare check. Such welfare checks MUST be logged. The frequency of welfare checks may be reduced if site conditions are particularly hazardous


Proword/Phrase                              Meaning                                             Comment
ACKNOWLEDGE                   Let me know you have
                                             received and understood
                                             this message
ALL BEFORE/                        Indicates part of a                                  e.g. “Say again all after”
AFTER                                   message                                             
ALL STATIONS                      General broadcast message
APPROVED                           Permission is granted for                        Do NOT use 'ROGER'
                                   proposed action
 BREAK                                Indicates the separation                          Used to interrupt a message
                                                                                                         to call another station.  Not
                                                                                                         to be used in place of “OVER”
CALL DIRECT                        Contact outstation to                               Without a repeater
CANCEL                               Disregard the previously
                                           transmitted instruction
CHECK                               Confirm you have received                          Same as “SO FAR”
                                          the message so far or, I
                                          confirm I have received
                                          the message so far
CLOSE DOWN                   Cease operation of the radio
CONFIRM                          Have I correctly received                             Answer: “CORRECT”
                                         The following...? Or,
                                         did you receive this message?       
CORRECT                          That is correct
CORRECTION                     An error has been made in
                                          My transmission.
                                         The correct version is....
DECIMAL                           Decimal Point                                           Pronounced Dee-See-Mal
FIGURES                           Used to precede a group of
I SAY AGAIN                      I repeat for clarity or                                  Not “REPEAT”
I SPELL                            Used before spelling                                   The NATO alphabet must be
                                        phonetically                                               used
IMMEDIATE                       I have a message of life and                       Use ONLY for live
                                         death urgency                                          emergencies  
MESSAGE                        I have a message for you
MESSAGE BEGINS          The content of the message
MESSAGE ENDS             The entire text of the message
                                       has now been sent
NO-NO                             No                                                            Repeated for clarity
NOTHING HEARD             No signals have been received
                                       from the station indicated
OVER                              My transmission is ended and       }
                                       I expect a response from you.        }
                                                                                           }            “OVER &
OUT                                 This exchange of Transmissions      }           OUT” is
                                       is ended and no response              }            meaningless !
                                       is expected                                 }
PRIORITY                         I need to send a Priority message
RADIO CHECK                 Report the readability of my
READ BACK                     Repeat all, or the specified part,
                                       of this message to me exactly as
RELEVANT                      I have a message relevant to                        Use to interrupt
                                       the current exchange of                                to give assistance.
REPORT                         Pass requested information                           e.g. “Report your location”
RECEIVED                      I have received and                                       “ROGER” should not be
                                       understood your message                            used
SO FAR                          Confirm you have received                            Same as “CHECK”
                                       the message so far or, I confirm
                                       I have received the message
                                       so far
SAY AGAIN                     Repeat all, or the following part,
                                       of your transmission
SEND                              Proceed with your transmission
SITREP                           Situation report
STAND BY                      This station is now available                        To be used only by a control
                                       to receive messages                                  to indicate the channel is clear
                                                                                                      for further traffic from
STAND BY ONE               Do not transmit; I will call                         Same as “WAIT ONE”
                                       you in about one minute     
TALK-THROUGH             Contact outstation to                                 Not to be used  in place of
                                      outstation via a repeater                             “Call Direct”
TRAFFIC                         Standby for a message
WAIT                              Do not transmit until I call you
WAIT ONE                      Do not transmit; I will call                          Same as “STAND BY ONE”
                                      you in about one minute     
YES-YES                       Yes                                                          Repeated for clarity
                                                                                                            All radio traffic will cease
10 - 9                                      Raynet operator needs                   to allow control to direct
                                                urgent assistance                            operators as necessary
The following 3 codes may be heard and all operators must be aware of their meaning
 TA                                  Time of Arrival                             I have arrived as instructed
 TL                                  Time of Leaving                            I am leaving my location
 10 - 8                             Are you ? / I am able to                 Usually means an ear
                                      receive confidentially                     piece is in use.
Any licensed radio amateur may permit the use of his/her equipment by  any member of a User Service during any training exercise or emergency incident to pass messages on behalf of the User Service.
          Term/Abbreviation     Meaning
          BRCS   British Red Cross Society
          CCA    Civil Contingencies Act
          CEPO   County Emergency Planning Officer
          DEPO   District Emergency Planning Officer
          EA      Environment Agency
          ECFRS Essex County Fire & Rescue Service
          ECN    Emergency Communications Network
          ESAR   Essex Search & Rescue
          ESSAM Essex Ambulance Service
          EXPOL Essex Police
          HMCG  Her Majesty’s Coastguard
          LA      Local Authority
          MCA    Maritime Coastguard Agency
          Outstation     A station on a net - not the Control
          SAR    Search & Rescue
          SJAB   St John Ambulance Brigade
          UA      Unitary Authority
          USAR   Urban Search & Rescue







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Essex RAYNET is affiliated to the Radio Amateur Emergency Network