Essex Raynet - Call-out Procedure


When you are placed on Stand-by

  • If you are at home, stay where you are, monitor primary VHF  frequency (Ch. 25).
  • Prepare your equipment (see list below)
  1. Food and drink
  2. Radio equipment
  3. General equipment (see ‘Equipment Checklist’ in Reference Material)
  4. Spare power supplies
  5. ID card and fluorescent clothing
  6. Personal belongings
  • DO NOT leave home even if mobilisation seems inevitable


When you are mobilised

  • Proceed to RVP as instructed
  • Monitor designated frequency (Ch. 21 or Ch. 25)
  1. Do you have sufficient fuel

  2. Do not break any speed limits

  3. Do you know your route or any alternatives in case of diversions

  4. Is your vehicle clearly identifiable as 'RAYNET'

On arrival change to designated operating channel. 

Report to Essex Raynet Incident Officer and await further instructions






Callout procedures


Operating procedures


Reference material




Last updated: 01/09/2017    

Essex RAYNET is affiliated to the Radio Amateur Emergency Network